How to Export

How to Export

Booking an export (e.g. UK to USA) with Air Freight Pro couldn't be easier.

  1. Prepare your parcel and select "Export" on our "Quick Quote" page.
  2. Insert the delivery country, city and postcode along with your package details.
  3. Book your collection and attach your label.
  4. When sending TNT shipments please also print two copies of the manifest and hand them to the driver. The parcel will not track correctly without them.

Non-EU Exports

There is a bewildering array of procedures and documents involved in international trade and customs clearance. Air Freight Pro will help guide you through the red tape.

The single most important document when sending goods internationally is the commercial invoice. It is always required for customs clearance.

Please enclose 4 signed copies of a commercial invoice in a document wallet and attach them to your parcel. Our portal can generate a commercial invoice for you or you can use your own. To prevent delay, please include on your commercial invoice:

  • Your recipient's details (contact name, telephone, email and company/personal tax ID).
  • Reason for sending (sale, sample, gift, repair, exhibition or return).
  • Customs procedure code (CPC for "normal" exports is 1000001 and temporary exports 2300000).
  • The correct commodity code (HS tariff code). Use the A-Z or this free widget to find the right code.
  • Your EORI number (essential for goods valued over £600).

Download an example of a completed commercial invoice. A blank invoice template is also available here.

Some goods and countries may also require an original certificate of origin (attested by Chamber of Commerce) and signed packing list. Chamber of Commerce members receive a 50% discount. See here for FAQs.

Please note: Special overseas territories linked to EU member states (e.g. Channel Islands, Canary Islands, Gibralter etc.) are treated as non-EU shipments.

Top Tips

  1. Our carriers will not deliver to PO Boxes (TNT only send to PO numbers in the Middle East).
  2. If a carrier isn't quoting for a particular destination please call us on 0330 350 3300. Some carriers use different city names and postcodes.
  3. Only DHL will send items under ATA Carnet (export CPC 1000052 and import 0008020).
  4. Only FedEx will send hazardous goods identified by a UN number.