How to Import

How to Import

Booking an import (e.g. China to UK) with Air Freight Pro couldn't be easier.

  1. Select "Import" on the "Quick Quote" page and insert the collection country, city and postcode along with the package details.
  2. Choose your service – UPS, DHL or TNT.
  3. Insert the full collection details – your sender's name, address, email and telephone.
  4. Book your shipment.

Non-EU Imports

The commercial invoice is the single most important document when importing goods. It is always required for customs clearance.

Please ensure your sender attaches 4 signed copies of a commercial invoice to your parcel and includes the following information on it to prevent delay:

  • Reason for sending (sale, sample, gift, repair, exhibition or return).
  • Customs procedure code (CPC for "normal" imports is 4000000 and re-imports following temporary export 6123F01).
  • The correct commodity code (HS tariff code). Use the A-Z or this free widget to find the right code.
  • Your EORI number (essential for goods valued over £600).
  • Your Deferment Account Number. If you don't have one say "Use TNT's" or DHL's etc.

Download an example of a completed commercial invoice. A blank invoice template is also available here.

Please note: Special overseas territories linked to EU member states (e.g. Channel Islands, Canary Islands, Gibralter etc.) are treated as non-EU shipments.

Once booked the collection procedure is slightly different for each carrier and this is outlined below:


Following a TNT import being booked the myTNT system automatically emails your sender a link to an online form to complete. Once completed, TNT will email your sender a consignment note to print and sign.

Below is an example of the email invitation that your sender will receive:

From: "TNT Express Import Service" <noreply-tntexpressimportservice[at]>

Subject: Order Request from World Options Ltd

Dear XXX, This is an invitation for you to complete a shipment through the TNT Express Import Service. This request was sent by World Options Ltd UNITED KINGDOM requesting you to ship the following item to XXX Ltd.

Please click on the following link to go to the TNT Express Import Service to complete the details of this shipment. TNT Express Import Service [form is available in local language].

If the link is not clickable, please copy and paste the URL above into the address field of your internet browser.

Kind Regards, TNT Express Customer Service

Please note: The link will expire within 48 hours and due to local time differences, collections aren't generally the same day. The back up manual method is ask your sender to phone TNT locally with World Options account number.


UPS has three options available at time of booking:

Print Return Label

  1. Download the address label from the portal to your computer and email to your sender.
  2. Your sender will then need to contact UPS locally to arrange a collection.

Electronic Return Label (£1.30 extra)

  1. UPS automatically emails a copy of the address label to your sender, together with information on how to arrange their collection.
  2. Your sender will then need to contact UPS locally to arrange a collection.

Return Service 1-Attempt (£4 extra)

  1. UPS generates an address label which the driver attaches to the parcel on collection.
  2. UPS will make one unprompted collection attempt.


Following a DHL import being booked:

  1. World Options automatically emails a copy of the address label to you and your sender, together with information on how to arrange their collection.
  2. Your sender will then need to contact DHL locally to arrange a collection.

Below is an example of the email that you and your sender will receive:

Dear Sir/Madam,

You have a DHL collection booked from your address! Please find attached documentation for your package. To confirm your collection, please call your local DHL customer services. You can find the contact number for your area using this link. Please quote your tracking reference number when booking a collection.

Checklist before collection:

  • Make sure that your packaging is sufficient for the goods in transit. Please see DHL guidelines.
  • Ensure that you provide a commercial invoice with your shipment upon collection if you are outside the EU. (Please provide four individual signed copies to the driver upon collection).
  • Make sure that there is someone available to hand over the goods when the driver comes to collect.

Kind Regards, Administrator

Please note: If you didn't provide a collection email address at time of booking, download a copy of the address label from "Bookings>Track/History" and email it to your sender.

Top Tips

  1. If a carrier isn't quoting for a particular destination please call us on 0330 350 3300. Some carriers use different city names and postcodes.
  2. Our carriers are often stronger in some parts of the world than others. For example TNT is strong in Asia and UPS in the USA. To ensure you're choosing the best carrier for your shipment please call us.
  3. Depending on your supplier's export license, country, goods, consignment weight and value, your supplier may be asked to pay a small administration fee for an official export declaration to be completed.